A few weeks ago Jeff asked how I wanted to celebrate my 30th birthday.  Without hesitating I exclaimed, “Let’s go to Disneyland!”  Since I was a young child I have wanted to go.  What better way to celebrate my 30th than to finally travel to the place I’ve always desired!

I was excited to search for vacation packages but my heart quickly sank when I saw the park admission prices.  The disappointment amplified as I looked at flights and hotels.  I couldn’t take it anymore.  I had seen enough.  Disneyland would have to wait. 

A week later a friend posted pictures on Facebook of the Seattle Great Wheel.  Now that looks like a lot of fun!  Going somewhere would be too expensive but I could afford a staycation.  I decided I would spend my birthday weekend playing tourist in the city.  I wasn’t too excited for it but at least now I had a plan.

Jeff and I decided we would spend today bowling with our inner child.  Jeff had been excited to take me since he learned how at The Clearing.  The idea is to use your non dominate hand to get in touch with the child in you.  You can even communicate with your inner child through opposite hand writing.  The idea is to write with your dominate hand as your adult self and respond as your inner child writing with your non dominate hand.  Today I would be bowling with my inner child by using my left hand.

I decided to take the concept a little further by adding some fun.  Today my intention was to be my inner child.  No hair straightener and no make-up for me today!  As I put gathered my hair into pigtails it hit me!  I had to take myself to Disneyland.  

I realized it was the child inside me who suggested Disneyland.  She was the one who wanted to go for our 30th birthday.  Today was the first time I opened myself up to being a kid again.  How many times did I ignored my inner child’s desires during the years of being a responsible adult and enduring hardships?  How many times did she speak up only to have my adult-self crush her dreams?  It was in this moment I realized going to Disneyland was a must!  My next step to self-healing is to rebuild the trust with my inner child.

In the past, I accept that I ignored my inner child’s desires and that’s ok.  Moving forward my intention is to listen and follow through with my inner child’s desires.   

Disneyland here we come, but first a bright pink bowling ball and mint chocolate chip ice cream awaits!